President: Veronica

Veronica is competing in flight endurance, structural engineering, chapter team, and digital video production. Her favorite event is structural because it’s hands on and allows her to express her creativity.

Vice President: Reigna

Reigna is competing in chapter team, flight endurance, digital video production, and STEM careers. Her favorite event is flight endurance because she likes to be able to work on a project alone to create something awesome. She likes the building process and the feeling she gets watching the plane take off. Reigna is also on the varsity volleyball team at our school and loves spending time with her team.

Secretary: Ryan

Ryan is competing in VEX, architecture, animatronics, chapter team, and tech bowl. His favorite event is animatronics because it allows him to design, build, and be creative. Ryan is also in NHS and loves to help the community by doing service projects.

Treasurer: Alex

Alex is competing in 3D animation, architecture, and transportation modeling. His favorite event is Transportation modeling because he likes seeing his drawings come to life. Alex is also in NHS, robotics, and Mu Alpha Theta a math club.

Sergeant At Arms: Julian

Julian is competing in system control, 3D CAD, digital video production, and on demand video. His favorite event is system control because of the mechanical, programming and engineering aspects it incorporates. He is good at programming and loves to do it. Julian is also on a robotics team, a ping pong team, and a tennis team at our school.

Reporter: Angelee

Angelee is competing in children’s stories, photographic design, fashion design and technology, chapter team, and 3D animation. Her favorite event is children’s stories because of the different avenues of creativity involved in it. Angelee is also involved in a lot of different art related activities at our school.